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Windows Tinting


East Coast Audio & Video LLC offers window tinting service. Often times, you may own or have bought a used car that wasn’t ordered with tinted windows. Window tint allows you privacy and interior protection from heat and UV rays. So, why apply tinting film to your existing windows and windshield ?

Window tinting our vehicles is great because it blocks thermal rays that overheat your car interior. We’ve all had the feeling of being slow-cooked in our own drivers seat. Thermal rejection film blocks those pesky thermal rays so you can drive comfortably without blasting the AC and wasting gas and energy.

UV rays are a known danger of the sun, resulting in sun burns and skin cancer. We spend a lot of time in our cars, but for some reason the average person doesn’t think UV exposure counts while we’re on the road. It does, however, and though some vehicles’ factory windows block some UV rays, you’ll need UV blocking window tint for 100% protection in most cases.