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Our Services

  • Window Tinting

Providing a huge spectrum of benefits from stylish looks to UV protection for both car and driver, window tinting can enhance your vehicle’s appearance, safeguard you from dangerous ultraviolet rays, and keep your car interior cooler all at the same time. So what’s not to love! If you’re interested in learning more about auto window tinting for your car or truck, East Coast Audio & Video LLC is here to help.

  • Alarms and Remote Starters

If you bought a brand new car, chances are you already have a keyless entry transmitter. Often times this is mistaken for an alarm, but it is nothing more than a remote that controls your doorlocks and panics the horn.

Our alarm systems can detect impact, doors being opened while the system is armed, entrance to your hood, glass breakage, tilting of the vehicle, and more! We can even program any of our alarms to passively arm or lock your vehicle, at your request. All systems we carry will make your eligible for an insurance discount as well.

  • Mobile Audio Video / Touchscreen Navigation Radios

When it comes to sounds systems, East Coast Audio & Video LLC installers have the experience to ensure your system sounds as good or better in your car as it does in our showroom. Our certified technicians know how to make the right connections and fine-tune your system for incredible sound.